Custom AI Humanoid Service Robot

Custom AI Humanoid Service Robot

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Explore the next frontier of robotics with our Custom Intelligent Humanoid Service Robot. Purpose-built for diverse applications, this humanoid robot seamlessly blends advanced technology with a human touch.

Key Features:

1. Friendly Human-like Design:
- Humanoid Robot with 15 Degrees of Freedom (DoFs).
- 12 DoFs on shoulders and arms for precise and expressive movements.
- 360º abrasion-resistant and quiet wheels for smooth and stable mobility.

2. More Affinity, More Friendly, Trustable:
- Rich body language for enhanced communication.
- Smooth and stable movement, creating a friendly and approachable presence.

3. Multi-modal Interaction:
- More expressive and human-like interaction.
- Vivid communication through various modes.

4. Navigation System:
- Real-time positioning and mapping.
- 360° annular sensory array with six major sensors for obstacle avoidance.
- Self-adapts to different environments and arrives at any location with precision.

5. Auto Charging with Low Power Consumption:
- Stable and accurate auto charging to minimize downtime.
- Multiple charging methods: Directive recharging, Pre-set recharging, Automatic recharging.

6. Facial Recognition and Video Call System:
- Recognition accuracy up to 98% for customer reception or profile creation.
- Meeting system offers HD voice and video calls for business applications.

7. Enhanced Safe-Assurance with E-skin:
- High sensitivity and fast response for safe interaction.
- Auto power-off protection on arms to prevent unexpected harm.

8. Big Data Analysis and Management:
- Efficient data acquisition, secured storage, and intelligent analysis.
- Centralized control system for managing multiple robots.

9. Customizable Service with Open APIs:
- Open APIs for third-party application development.
- SDK package and customizable applications for tailored solutions.

Product Parameters:
- Dimension: 1214(H) * 630(W) * 537(D) mm
- Screen: 11.6-inch TFT HD Touch Screen
- Maximum Speed: 0.3/0.5/0.7M/S (Max is 1M/S)
- Weight: 45kg
- Communication: Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G), 4G Module
- E-Skin: 3*2 (Two Arms, 3pic/one Arm)
- Speaker: 85dB
- Navigation Sensor: RGDB Sensor*1, Close Sona Sensor*3, Open Sona Sensor*5, IR sensor*6, Lidar Sensor*1, Recharger Infrared*2, TOF Sensor*1
- Mic Array: 6+0 (covering 3-5 meters)
- Camera: 13MP HD Camera

Application Scenarios:
- Garage, Medical Treatment, Traffic, Party Building, Retail, Government Affairs, Exhibition, Finance, Education, Hotel.

Note:This humanoid service robot is AI-powered and can be programmed and adapted to the specific needs of your company.

Delivery Time: 25 Days 


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