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MOR P7 Space Home - Portable Modular Hotel

MOR P7 Space Home - Portable Modular Hotel

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Welcome to the MOR P7, a modular and portable space home that redefines the concept of hospitality. With a sleek design and thoughtful features, this mobile hotel offers a unique and luxurious experience for your accommodation needs.

Product Specifications:
- Construction Area: 36.8㎡
- External Dimensions: 11.5*3.2*3.2 m
- Classic Series with Independent Balcony (P7): The interior design features a classic standard king bed, separate wet and dry areas in the bathroom, a spacious washbasin, and a luxurious balcony.

- Length: 11500mm
- Width: 3300mm
- Height: 3200mm
- Building Area: 38.0m²
- Net Weight: 9 Tons
- Capacity: 11.5KW / 17KW (With Floor Heating)

Key Features:
- Safe and Durable: Equipped with a key card switch, integrated lights and curtains control, multiple scenario modes, IP technology, intelligent voice control, and a smart lock.
- Exquisite Interior Decoration: Featuring integrated modular ceiling and wall, stone plastic composite floor, privacy glass door for the bathroom, marble floor for the bathroom, and a range of bathroom accessories.
- Whole House Sound Insulation: Ensures insulation from outside noise, providing internal privacy.
- 360° Scenery Panoramic View:  Floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides and a spacious balcony allow you to enjoy leisure time with the beauty of nature.

Packaging and Shipping:
1. Pre-shipment Inspection: Check the overall product condition, ensuring interior accessories are packed and fixed.
2. Lifting and Loading:** Use lifting tools to lift the space capsule onto the transport truck.
3. Fixing and Packing: Exterior strapping over the complete unit for secure transportation.
4. Caution During Transportation: Ensure smooth driving to avoid damage.
5. Product Delivery: Ground the space capsule at the designated spot upon reaching the project destination.

Please note:
Shipping cost: €7,000
Delivery time: 30 days

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