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Robot Dog AI

Robot Dog AI

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Introducing the Robot Dog AI, equipped with an Intelligent Side-Follow System that revolutionizes the traditional following mode. This bionic quadruped robot walks alongside its human master with the adoption of patented wireless vector positioning and control technology. The human-machine interaction is both harmonious and safe, providing a superior experience compared to conventional following modes.

Key Features:

1. **Intelligent Side-Follow System:** The robot walks alongside the user, creating a harmonious and safe human-robot interaction. It helps the robot choose optimal paths in complex environments.

2. **Super Sensory System:** Utilizing a comprehensive sensory system with five sets of fish-eye stereo depth cameras and AI post-processing, the robot offers full-view coverage with a lens angle of approximately 150x170°. The built-in powerful AI includes a 16-core CPU and GPU with 384 cores and 1.5 TFLOPS, surpassing comparable devices in the market.

3. **Omni-Directional Video Transmission:** The robot provides omni-directional and ultra wide-angle video image transmission, allowing users to observe the surroundings and terrain through a mobile app. This feature simplifies operations within the beyond visual range.

4. **Strong & Reliable Power System:** The Robot Dog AI incorporates a new power joint with super lightweight, low noise, and long life. The knee joint motor includes a heat pipe cooling system for optimal performance.

5. **Dog Unitree AI Technology:** Developed with the advanced AI technology from Dog Unitree, this intelligent companion robot redefines human-robot interaction. The bionic MOR robot quadruped dog offers a futuristic and adaptive design for various applications.

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